Univerza v Novi Gorici

  Center for Language

  and Cognitive Science


Welcome to the web space of the newly created Center for Language and Cognitive Science at the University of Nova Gorica. The Center is (for now) an integrate part of the Institute of Cultural Studies.

The Center comprises a small team of young and experienced researchers in cognitive science of language, in particular formal modeling of human linguistic competence. Its main research areas include formal syntactic theory, formal semantic theory, formal pragmatics, psycholinguistics and Slavic linguistics. Our research is based on the scientific thesis that people's endowment for language is biologically determined, and is aimed at understanding principles behind the language organization in the brain, its everyday use as well as acquisition by children and adults. The Center is oriented toward pursuing inter-disciplinary approaches to language cognition combining both theoretical and experimental lines of research. We are currently in the process of establishing our own psycho- and neurolinguistic lab to conduct on-line experiments on adult and child language comprehension and production. 

The Center also organizes workshops and conferences, invites prominent researchers in linguistics and cognitive science to give public lectures and teach mini-courses, and conducts public volunteer work to promote the Slovenian language.

The members of the Center actively pursue regional and international collaboration.


The Web sites of the Center are currently under construction. Please check back for regular updates...